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No fuzz mussels

I had to think of my maternal grandmother whenever I see mussels. I guess because when I was young, I found mussels or tahong as how we call it in Tagalog, a bit ‘scary’ because of its almost black shells. Scary and yet I always found my grandma’s simple mussels soup (Tinolang Tahong, key soup ingredient is ginger) really good. Well, everything that my grandma made was good :)

Anyhow, ginger is overpowering in taste, according to my husband…so I am careful when using the root, and would never offer it in his soup. Thanks to those English cooking programs that I always watch, for giving me ideas, learning me not to be afraid to use ingredients & be more adventurous…I came up with an easy mussels soup.

Onion, garlic, chopped vegetables such as carrots, prei, celery, cauliflower, creme fraiche, smoked bacon, fish bouillon, pepper, salt and white wine.

Shells were thoroughly scrubbed and cleaned

so that soup is good enough to fill the stomach…a complete meal in itself.