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Penang Beef Balls

The combination of coconut milk and freshly ground peanuts in the sauce was so good I could have just eaten it with rice to fill me up. But what would I do with a bunch of beef balls, play pingpong with them? :P

How’s that for an intro? NO? Okay, I’m just funning with you my dear readers. All 2 of you *wink* Thank you for your support all these years. Okaaay, what’s wrong with me? Let me get down to business!!

A very easy and tasty Thai recipe which I got from my old Thai cookbook: Thai Cooking Class

Penang Beef Balls (Penang Nua)


  • 500 g  beef. I minced my own beef to control the fat, so this was quite lean
  • 60g flour
  • 3 tbsp vegetable oil
  • 2 tbsp red curry paste (commercial)
  • 400 ml coconut milk (I used canned)
  • 1 1/2 tbsp fish sauce
  • 2 tbsp ground peanuts (I ground my own peanuts)
  • 1 tbsp sugar or 60 g panucha , the latter I prefer to use preparing food with thai curry paste

Shape beef mince into small round balls about 2.5 cm (1 inch) in diameter. Roll balls in flour, dust off excess. Heat oil in a wok and fry beef balls until brown, tilting and rocking your wok (be very careful) so balls fry evenly. Remove and set aside on absorbent kitchen paper.

In remaining oil stir fry red curry paste for 2-3 minutes over low heat to prevent sticking. Stir in coconut milk. Add fish sauce, peanut and sugar (or panucha) taste if you need to adjust the taste.

Return beef balls to sauce and simmer for about 5 minutes. If you have chopped basil or coriander just use it for garnishing.

Enjoy and Eet Smakelijk!

Chicken Pandan

Another recipe which is similar to an old entry (September 1, 2005) One of my favorites, and my husband’s too. I’ve tasted this in the Philippines during my vacation last year. I ordered it in a Thai restaurant there and I was pleased because their Chicken Pandan tasted close to what I usually had in Thailand (where I lived for years.) In Philippines restaurants the chicken are wrapped beautifully (pandan leaves are interlocked) , no meat would show but mine was, as you can see, simply wrapped w/ chicken showing & only secured with clean toothpicks.

my marinade this time was sans the liquor (please do check the old entry for the recipe)

and my dip this time was also different. If you’re interested, simply leave me a message and I’ll share with you how to make this sauce. It was with tamarind.