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Crab curry.

I was at the local market many weeks ago to buy my supply. When I reached the seafood section, I saw a small commotion where 3 children and their father was involved. The youngest of the 3, perhaps she was about 5 years old was crying while the slightly older brothers were teasing her for crying. She was pretty scared. Daddy’s trying to calm her down.

Well no wonder she was crying. Because in front of her were live crabs which she probably thought were aliens from another planet! Even adult passing by were surprised to see the crabs which isn’t really popular among Dutch people. Usually it’s the Chinese who buy them. And me. I can totally understand why whole crabs aren’t popular among the Dutch since they’re seldom sold in the market because they can be pretty expensive. Normally crabs are offered only in restaurants. Pricey.

still smokin’ ..Crab Curry

Well I came home with 2 live crabs that day. To which my husband was against me buying them because according to him: ‘ ik vind het zielig voor de beestjes! ‘ (I pity the animals) and even refused to see how I will cook them. Even told me once to release them in nearby ponds!

Well, he totally made an 180 degree turn when the smell of curry (one of his favorite spices) starts to fill my kitchen! Ah, there’s truth to the saying that ‘ the way to the man’s heart is through his tummy’.

If you wish to have this simple curry recipe, just leave a message!