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This foodblog will start featuring homemade preparations of my friend Ro, also known as @ThisPINAYcanCOOK on Instagram.

Mouth watering, easy to follow recipes/methods, funky, and photos shot with her iPhone only under ambient light – you are in for some treat that you’ll keep on coming back just to see her food! For a teaser, you are looking at:

Hershey chocolate kisses stuffed churro bites donuts ~my original recipe~ and a glass of vanilla shake for my crazy butts midday snack while I prep for dindin”- Ro (@thispinaycancook)


Keep visiting to see more of Ro’s creation!

20130515-215148.jpgFollow her on Instagram: @ThisPINAYcanCOOK

Cake Pops

I wanted something else than just an ordinary sponge cake (which is my favorite) for my birthday ( 5 days ago) so I searched the internet¬† for ideas since baking is my waterloo. Initially I found an interesting one but it involved rolling of fondant and expertise handling it. I have never worked with fondant before and they are quite expensive here (and to be experimented on)¬† thus I searched again until I found some cute looking cake pops that looked pretty easy to make. It was my first time to make them and I don’t think it will be the last because you know why? The adults (my friends) enjoyed them so much, imagine how the children would react when you give them these?¬† ;)

*click for a larger image*

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