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Sardines on recession too

I know I know! where have the good food photos gone?
I barely carry around my heavy Canon 5DM2 these days because of my backpains :/ not taking much photos with it too but using most my iPhone4s almost daily. Results of course aren’t comparable, but for now, doable :)

Anyways, I just wanted to share my favorite appetizer from a local Greek restaurant that became a fovorite of ours (hubby and I) My husband couldn’t care less about this tiny fishes but they’re oh la la for me, yum!  But what I wanted to show too was the green on the side. I haven’t touched it yet but it seems someone has bitten on it already?

Nah, that’s recession folks :P



PuTuSiLog is my acronym for this typical Filipino breakfast. Pusit is for fried crunchy dried squid, Tuyo is for fried dried sardine, Sinangag is for fried rice with load of garlic and ItLog for fried egg. Thus you have PuTuSiLog.

This breakfast reminds me of my childhood. My grandma or sometimes aunts, depending who were babysitting us kids (mom was working)  would make this whenever possible. Typical dip could be sliced of fresh tomatoes or vinegar , both to balance the salt(i)ness of sardine and squid. Glugged down with coffee or hot cocoa, then it’s perfect!

This was my plate few weeks back when I had my breakfast right here in Holland. Finding dried sardine and squid is almost impossible around here that’s why I was so happy that my uncle packed for me these fried beauties to take back to Holland…you see I was in Manila for 2 weeks in July.

This could be a strange breakfast combination to some, but for a true-blooded Filipino like me, this is heaven :)