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Making lunch easier!

Making lunch easier!

If you buy your lunch everyday you will know how quickly the costs of a meal deal add up, and not only that chances are your pasta filled salad with a creamy dressing isn’t as healthy as you may think! If you have children these ideas can also transfer to their packed lunches and as you can make your lunches at the same time it won’t take you much extra time! Continue reading

Salad that I can eat everyday!

I’m fond of salads. Unlike when I was younger, I loathed salads, especially if it was all ‘vegies’, ugh!  I’m just glad that I was able to learn to eat my vegetables be raw or cooked. And now I even eat ‘strange’ salads. Or at least that’s how my husband describes this Japanese salad.

I wish I can have some right now, just like 3 weeks ago when I had this full bowl full. Yum!!