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Santa’s chocolate! for La.Pi.S

This isn’t an old photo but freshly shot just a few hours ago.

They were meant as ‘extras’ for my Christmas dinner dessert last December. But  unfotunately I was not able to use them because when it was time to serve my dessert (Bailey’s Tiramisu) I was already  tired to do plate presentation.  First and second courses took much of my time and so  we just went straight devouring our dessert.

This is for La.Pi.S. This weekend’s theme is Chocolate.

I hope this is okay, Ces?

MELTed red Bliss! (LAPIS)

Old photos taken back in 2007, I know! I searched high and low for the originals but I’m afraid they were in my laptop that has gone kaput on me *sigh* ‘Glad I was able to upload them on flickr account. I chose this because it was an experiment went wild! *tee hee* My husband, father in law and Dutch friends really liked this, even said to me that they have never tasted something like this before…ehemm…para tocino lang naman ito na may twist.

Tocino is one Pinoy viand my husband likes, a lot! Sometimes we would have it 3x a week, paired with his favorite sinangag with loads of crunchy garlic. Sometimes I get this feeling that my husband’s Pinoy in his past life because he also eats bagoong. *lol*

Anyhow, like I mentioned , this was a result of an experiment went well. Bits and pieces of tocino which I marinated myself with oozing melted cheese ( with pineapple bits and juice) on top.

I’ve posted it way back in 2007, here’s the recipe if you’re curious. *wink*