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I need new recipes!

Due to my ‘tennis arm’ that has set in since March of this year, and still having slight pain, I haven’t really been doing some serious cooking. Also because my husband has been craving for the same food over and over again, most of those recipes I have already posted so thus I don’t really want to sound repetitious with what I post.
Anyway, I do miss cooking some ‘challenging’ recipes! I do get jealous of those amateur contestants on cooking competitions on television like ‘MasterChef’ and ‘My Kitchen Rules’ (both Australia) whenever they present awesome presentation on their plates plus great tasting too. I’m now too far behind with my cooking style. I think the many months of not ‘practising’ in the kitchen isn’t good for me. Because I really love presenting beautiful plate of food to my family and friends. I miss having friends for dinner, I miss having cozy dinners where everyone enjoys my planned ‘menu’, miss seeing everyone’s face when they see my ‘fancy’ presentation in front of them. Food actually is one great topic during dinner in our home. Most of my friends are not foodie thus my excitement each time I present them with food they have never eaten before or  ingredients they have never seen before! I even have a good friend who wouldn’t eat crab, shrimp nor lobster that a sight of these mentioned made her gag, ha ha! So what I did was when she’d come for dinner, I would ‘mask’ ingredients that she would not eat, offer her those (of course without her knowing) and once she tasted them, and liked them, I’d tell her what she’s just eaten. It has been  successful many times! :) I guess it’s also my way of teaching people to try and be open to food ‘unknown’ to them.

I guess for now I need to find  variety of recipes as I have already tested and used most of my cookbooks. I haven’t bought any new too, so I am definitely going online to find new recipes to try out! My tennis arm (slowly but surely) is healing  so I’ve decided it’s time to gather new recipes for my collection, make plans especially for the coming holidays! Although times are hard and ingredients do cost a lot around here, but eating well as well as enjoying it is important to me. I serve nothing less than my best to my family and friends. Oh wow, talking about this makes me pretty excited! (^0^)
shrimppaste rice

Deep Fried Scotch Balls.



4 large eggs
1/4 cup rice flour
1/4 cup all purpose flour
1 cup panko 1 lb ground beef
pinch of salt & pepper
couple shake of mexican all seasoning
Vegetable oil (for frying)

1. boil 3 eggs for 5 minutes.cover for 10 minutes. run cold water then drain.peel the shell in a bowl with cold water. pat dry when time to use. 2. in three separate bowl. put the flour in one bowl. the panko in another and beat the last egg in the third bowl.
3. make sure the ground beef is chilled so its easy and pliable when wrappin the egg with it.mix in the salt pepper & seasoning.
4. with at least 3 tbsp of the meat push and make indent inside the ball and just push it against ur left are to create a hallow space to put the eggs.
5. chill the meat. after being chilled gently roll it in the whisked egg.then the flour then the panko.
6. in a medium deep sauce pan pour cooking oil at least 3/4 full.
7.drop the egg carefully so the hot oil wont splatter on you.
8.let it cook for at least 4-5 minutes turning it once in a while.
9. serve with ketchup and/or mustard. happy frying myloves!#thispinaycancook #eatlikeyoureondeathrow

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