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Sardines on recession too

I know I know! where have the good food photos gone?
I barely carry around my heavy Canon 5DM2 these days because of my backpains :/ not taking much photos with it too but using most my iPhone4s almost daily. Results of course aren’t comparable, but for now, doable :)

Anyways, I just wanted to share my favorite appetizer from a local Greek restaurant that became a fovorite of ours (hubby and I) My husband couldn’t care less about this tiny fishes but they’re oh la la for me, yum!  But what I wanted to show too was the green on the side. I haven’t touched it yet but it seems someone has bitten on it already?

Nah, that’s recession folks :P


Chocolates, have them!

Does going on vacation motivates you ladies to go on a diet? You know, when last year’s bikinis do not fit you anymore but you also do not want to buy new pairs, so  instead you vow to lose the extra kilos you gained from ‘letting go’, from enjoying your food way too much?

Well I tell you, our upcoming beach vacation is making me work hard to get rid of these unwanted fat all around my body by exercising almost everyday. Pairing it with eating smartly. In the past, skipping breakfast was my way of beginning my days especially when I was trying to diet but now, I eat breakfast in the morning and that proves way better than not eating at all. I hardly feel any hunger by lunchtime and by dinner time, I can honestly say that I can now control what I put into my mouth. I sometimes do not feel the need to eat dinner when I had breakfast. Or when I’m only having bars, chocolate bars even, by  healthsmart foods ( <<- just click this link).

Imagine many years ago when people talk about diet, chocolates or delicious treats were definitely a no-no but these days, hah! have them please! Thanks to those food companies that come up with food and food supplements specially made for people like me, people who want to lose weight but still want to enjoy eating!

So yes, I am excited to fit into my old swimsuits. And I’m almost there!