My favorite PadThai lady!

photo taken with iPhone4s

I had the chance to visit my favorite padthai lady in Hua-Hin, Thailand. Since the late 90′s I keep on coming back to the same night market just to eat her padthai.
Yeah, I saw her alright. But was not able to taste her padthai and chicken satay :/
Reason was, it was really busy that evening and there was just too many patrons in line waiting to be seated and eat her padthai. My husband even stood in line but it the lady’s costumers were not really in hurry to give up their seats (to my padthai lady’s irritation too) so we just left and went to a restaurant nearby and had our thai food fix.

We did went back to the night market the following nights, but was no longer ‘hungry’ for padthai so yeah, this year, I didn’t get to eat my favorite padthai. But hey, there’s something to look forward to next year, right? (:

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