Making lunch easier!

Making lunch easier!

If you buy your lunch everyday you will know how quickly the costs of a meal deal add up, and not only that chances are your pasta filled salad with a creamy dressing isn’t as healthy as you may think! If you have children these ideas can also transfer to their packed lunches and as you can make your lunches at the same time it won’t take you much extra time!


Salads are always a winning option when it comes to lunch, they are quick and easy to put together, healthy and they don’t need reheated which is perfect for those who do not have reheating facilities at work. The options available to you are endless and you get completely creative by adapting salad recipes online to your own personal tastes! You could even completely avoid all recipes and throw whatever you have in your fridge together. Experiment as much as possible to avoid getting bored, you can even incorporate fruits such as pineapple and apple successfully into salads. Instead of ham and pineapple on a pizza put the two together in a fresh salad!


Dinner Leftovers

Making a little extra of your evening meal, refrigerating and then taking to work the next morning is easily one of the easiest and cheapest ways to make your own lunch. Dinners which can easily be taken to work include casseroles, lasange, meatballs and shepherd’s pie!

You could always work with both of these ideas! If your evening meal is pasta based make an extra portion to add to your salad in the morning. Any leftover meat, for example a chicken breast can easily be chopped up and made into a Chicken Caesar Salad.


Why not make a soup at the weekend, divide it into portions and freeze it, taking a portion to work each day? The options when it comes to soup are pretty limitless and with winter here we’re probably all looking for a hot lunch option! Root vegetable based soups are perfect for autumn and it will mean you are eating in season. Swede, carrots and parnsip are just a few of those readily available right now. Soup, thanks to its water and fibre content will make you feel fuller for longer, preventing those mid afternoon snacks.

Alternatively, if you find you are typically a grazer and prefer to snack across the afternoon then various chopped vegetables, cuts of meat, fruit and nuts can be put together into a lunchbox with compartments. Completely effortless and the raw fruits and vegetables come with benefits which cooked veggies don’t.


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