Corned-beef-rice wrapped in Omelette

When I get bored I tend to play with my food, like this. No, not toying w/ it while eating, you know like how small kids play with their food, not like that…but making up something from available ingredients in our pantry.

One day I saw a canned corned beef. I said to myself –  I should use it before it expires (like some of ‘em canned goods I’ve stashed :P ) –  which I did. And since I had the following too:

- tomatoes

- carrots (finely diced)

- onion

-  garlic

- eggs

- peas

- cooked rice from the day before

- cucumber

- pepper and a bit of salt…plus Maggi hot sauce!

Simply saute onion and garlic over medium heat, add corned beef, continue mixing, then add carrots rice and peas and continue mixing. Add pepper and salt to taste. I added Maggie hot sauce for extra bite. In a separate pan do your omelette. Wrapping takes practise. It’s like foling a thin delicate paper so yeah, you need to practise it ;)  Sliced tomatoes and cucumber on the side, they’re not there to make my plate pretty, I ate them all.

…that’s what I had that evening for dinner. Corned beef wrapped in omelette. It wasn’t exactly a gourmet meal but hey! I had fun making it and eating it, that’s what matters to me. ;)

2 thoughts on “Corned-beef-rice wrapped in Omelette

  1. Sreisaat

    Wow, sarap! And I love the way you presented the food, galing. Feast for the eyes, and stomach, for sure. The Japanese has a version of this kind of omelet (with rice and mixed veggies as filling) but I forgot how it is called. Glad to be here. Nangangapit-blog lang :)

  2. iska

    I tired doing that before… fried rice wrapped in omelette – but couldn’t do it! :-( Need more practice!
    Your photos are always awesome.


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