Tiramisu, home version.

” Is dit tiramisu, Thess? “ Ronald vraagt dit terwijl hij aan het  genieten is van zijn dessert. (Is this tiramisu, Thess? asks Ronald while he’s enjoying his dessert.)

“Ja, een mislukte tiramisu” zeg ik. (yes, tiramisu gone wrong  I said.)

Last Saturday evening a couple who are friends of my husband dined with us. I planned a 4-course dinner that night in which I started preparing the dessert first as it needed to be served chilled. It was just a simple tiramisu (my version of course) served per guest thus I opted to use dessert glass for it. You know, I was hoping for a ‘nice’ presentation and yes photo. BUT!

I always wish, when having friends and 4-5 dinner-course that I wasn’t the cook, hostess, amateur wine connoisseur (husband and guests aren’t wine drinker but me) , dish-washer in between (I sometimes would use the same plate for different courses when needed) and most of all, photographer rolled-in-1. I wish that I can take my studio lights to the dining table (dining candles just don’t cut it or high ISO)  and background to take photos of my courses!!! but NO, not possible.

Anyhow going back to this being a tiramisu…yes it was, as I used all basic tiramisu ingredients eg. mascarpone, espresso, lady fingers, double creme, amaretto, sifted sugar…but this time I used yolks and added tia maria…and on top before serving I shredded tricolore-chocolade (tricolored chocolates. ) I thought the creme will not stiffen when I poured it on the biscuits that was why I said it gone wrong.

But I guess I was wrong. The creme’s texture was perfect during dessert time and I asked all 3 diners to be honest and throw me their thoughts. ‘Erg lekker, het was geen mislukt!’ Really nice, it did not went wrong at all.

Well, I still wish I have someone to help me in the kitchen at times like this. :D

4 thoughts on “Tiramisu, home version.

  1. Bhengsai

    wish i was able to take a sample of it…
    well, if u’r really looking for someone to help u, i cud volunteer…. if only ur place was near ours… lols!!!


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