Fried rice with shrimp-paste and shrimps.

Inside my ref I saw these yesterday while thinking of what I can prepare for the evening : leftover cooked rice , carrots, eggs, shrimp paste (bagoong in a bottle from the Philippines) , red bellpepper, shrimps, and cabbage. I’ve got onions, garlic, black pepper… yes, that’ ll do.

Mirin, cooking oil, light soya sauce and Vietnamese crunchy slow-fried garlic as topping completed the fried rice.

I often have these ingredients at home thus concocting a fast but tasty fried rice isn’t hard. Or at least that’s how my father-in-law and husband find (tasty) it. My father-in-law who now lives in a nursing home misses Asian food so much that when I make them, I see to it that I make extra, pack them in small servings and place them in my father-in-law’s freezer so that his caregivers can easily microwave them for his dinner. In the past, my father-in-law used to cook such tasty Asian food thus he’s got the tastebud to satisfy too. Most of the times he’s bored eating the nursing home food (Dutch food) consists mainly of potato, boiled vegetables, piece of meat or fish and soup.

Anyway, preparing this fried rice was quite easy. I first made the omelette , just few beaten eggs, no salt or anything. Set it aside and sliced thinly so that I can create the rolls like those you see on top of the rice.

Carrots, cabbage, bell pepper, onion and garlic were sliced finely. In a wok few tablespoons of oil was heated, followed by onion and garlic and shrimp paste. After about 2-3 minutes of continuous stirring, add the shrimps ( deveined and cut in half ).  Notice that I am not mentioning any measurement, it really is up to you how much you’d want to use should you try this recipe :)  Throw in the cabbage and after a minute follow the rice, light soya sauce, mirin, and black pepper. I did not add fish sauce nor salt because the shrimp paste + light soya sauce provided the saltiness.

Before serving, I just topped it with fried garlic. A meal on its own!

Smakelijk eten! :)

2 thoughts on “Fried rice with shrimp-paste and shrimps.

  1. iska

    Yummy!  I cooked fried rice, too, for dinner!  One of those lazy evenings again.  I added sliced left-over steak and petchay and eggs as well.  I love your egg rolls, by the way.  Gayahin ko nga yan :-)
    Your photo is also amazing.

    1. admin

      Hi Iska! I guess fried rice is one of the easiest to prep, and yeah, left-over steak I’m sure gave it more flavor.
      For the sake of photography, I need to play with my food (omelette rolls) first, lol :D


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