SPAM Musubi with tamago

My Saturdays were usually spent visiting the next city with my husband, we would usually shop and just enjoy the day together. But last Saturday he was still in the USA so I had the chance to do some blog hopping. One blog that I was able to hop was Wengs and read about her Spam Musubi entry. The moment I saw them I couldn’t stop from smiling because her presentation was so good that you’d think it was done by a Hawaiian who truly loves anything with spam! And then I remembered that just few weeks back, a friend from Hawaii sent me “Hawai’i Cooks with Spam” by Muriel Miura. It’s a book with local recipes featuring Hawaii’s favorite canned meat! I haven’t tried the book yet and when I saw Weng’s cute Musubi, I told myself that I would love to try making them too since I need not cook for my husband that night. Besides Weng made it looked so much fun to make!

And so this adult blogger played with her food that night…

had tons of fun making them!

Instead of following a simple Musubi recipe that requires short grained rice I used sushi rice which I still have in the pantry .

And used orange and green masago (flying fish egg) for the eyes.

I simply used cookie cutters with animal shapes and in no time, I was enjoying my work of art, but finding it a bit hard to eat them since they look so cute, nakakahinayang kagatin ha ha ha!

** Ingredients:

  • spam
  • sushi rice or short grain rice
  • nori
  • beaten eggs, for omelette
  • masago

Cook the rice according to package but instead of using rice wine like in sushi, just salt your water. Find your cutest cookie cutter/s to cut onto the spam (fried or not, it’s up to you…mine was pan fried) As you can see, I alternated the use of spam and omelette to give contrast.

By the way, my sauce was tomato ketchup…yummy!!

5 thoughts on “SPAM Musubi with tamago

  1. Weng

    Uuuy! My name was specially mentioned several times! Bwahahahaha! :) Compliments always leave me feeling giddy and ticklish, specially coming from the gurus of food blogging…like you! Hee hee. Like I said in your other blogk I am definitely going to copy this cute spam musubi of yours, Thess! By the way, how did you make your omelette so flat? :D Mmmwah!

    Weng’s last blog post..Free Grand Slam at Denny’s on February 3rd ‘09


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