Is it really sour? (LAPIS' EYE Candy)

Eye Candy, is this weekend’s LaPiS’s theme. I know I know, I am a bit late posting my entry. I wanted to do it yesterday (Sunday) but I really got caught up with all the preparation for my husband’s US trip (which was today, he’s left at 6am) that it was already late when I realized that I wasn’t able to do my La.Pi.S entry. But as they say, better late than never.
So here I am with my own interpretation of the theme.

As a child, I was not really fond of sour candies. But during my teen years when I realized that I have motion sickness and was told that sucking on sour candies help alleviate the feeling of nausea, thus sucking on them I started to. And by golly it worked for me then, and is still working until now! Thus, I now eat sour candies with gusto. I guess my palate got used to it. And this is the latest sour candy that I’m addicted to.

Every week, I buy 2 little jars of this yummy sour-sweet-and spicy tamarind candy. On the photo was imported from Thailand and kind of adjusted to European taste (which isn’t too sour and hot) I kind of like more what I usually buy in Thailand (when I was living there) which was really sour (I’m salivating just recalling the taste *lol* ) and pretty hot!! Each tamarind ball would be covered with chili flakes unlike this imported ones.

But better than not tasting my favorite tamarind candies, right?

8 thoughts on “Is it really sour? (LAPIS' EYE Candy)

  1. ces

    i love ours..those that are really really sweet! or G’s moniegold! pero pwede na rin ito! hehe! drooling! hanubeh…next time titaT sama ka na k hubby and go straight to the east coast ha!:) ice shot, btw! as ever!

    ces’s last blog post..By: Thess

  2. Pinky

    Yup – the Thai tamarinds are the best – whether fresh or candied – yummy!!! :razz:

    Galing naman ng quality control ng tamarind candies mo – talagang pantay-pantay ang size ha! Pang-export ang beauty kaya bongga! Hahaha! :mrgreen:

    Pinky’s last blog post..LaPiS: Eye Candy


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