Paksiw na Manok: Lasang Pinoy left-over

My lola (grandmother) was really good in using left overs. Chicken, pork, and fish she’d use them all ‘again’ to produce yummy ‘new’ viand. Nothing must be wasted, her words of wisdom.

I was thinking of my lola while preparing this. I had extra fried chicken breast fillet in the freezer and also a bottle of Sarsa ni Mang Tomas. I also found a sack of bulaklak ng saging (banana blossom or heart) well the rest you know…

my own version of Paksiw na Manok which surprisingly, my Dutchman found nice and even had two servings with his steamed rice.

17 thoughts on “Paksiw na Manok: Lasang Pinoy left-over

  1. thess

    I don’t think I have the patience to make my own lechon sarsa ha ha! But I think it’s a lot nicer than the commercial one?

    thanks for the visit, Iska

  2. Clicking Away

    I love paksiw especially if from lechon baboy. The version with Mang Tomas is really good (all around sarsa talaga yan). I have not tasted paksiw with banana blossoms… mukhang gusto ko rin yan ha.

    Medyo na surprised ako na gusto ni hubby ang paksiw… di ba they usually hate the smell of our food?

    I hope baby Charlie is feeling much better now.

    Clicking Away’s last blog post..LaPiS 022 – Left Overs


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