fresh spring rolls & this shrimp who keeps messing things up!

OMG! Once again I managed to mess up my blog, argh!! It was flowing smoothly yesterday until my brother who is in Jeddah called my attention that he couldn’t view most of the images, … a brief story why: the reason I transferred was because in countries like KSA, Jordania, US, Singapore, Belgium, etc, my old URL wasn’t viewable, filtered by some of those countries internet providers. I found out recently that the static or shared IP which was assigned to me by my former host was categorized as porn, yes porn! Needless to say that I was fuming mad because the only naked thing on my blog are these shrimps!! anyway, truly the images were still linked to my old address so I had to reload/upload/delete/upload/delete again the XML and database until, well I screwed things up. Therefore also losing the wonderful comments from Melissa, Evan and JMom..blasted pictures!

Anyway folks, a friendly advice to those of you are planning to purchase your own domain name, please be very very thorough, check the host and its service. Make sure that what happened to me wont happen to you. I really learned the hardest way since I am also hosting a few bloggers and transferring of files from one server to another costs a hell lot of time and heahache.


An easy super starter that has become my husband’s favorite, if I may say so. I say ‘super’ because it’s super easy to prepare that if ever we’ll have people coming for dinner, this will definitely be on the menu. Perfect for this (becoming) warm weather.

Fresh Spring Rolls


  • 50g dried bean or glass vermicelli
  • 2 cups hot water
  • warm water in a bowl
  • dried rice paper wrappers
  • medium cooked prawns
  • thai fresh basil leaves
  • fresh coriander leaves
  • carrot julienned
  • grated lime rind
  • chilli sauce

Soak the bean vermicelli in the hot water for 10 minutes or until they become soft, then drain. Dip a rice paper into warm water, allow to soften then place on a work surface ( I used a plate, excess water gently shaken off.) Place 2 prawns side-by-side in the centre of the wrapper and top with 2 basil leaves, a few coriander leaves, few carrot strips, a little of lime rind and a small amount of vermicelli. You can add a bit of the chili sauce. Flatten the filling down, bring in 2 sides and roll up the parcel. Lay seam down on a serving plate. Add more sauce on top before serving.

And may I also ask you to please update my URL on your links, harstikke bedankt! (thanks so much.) ~ Thess

0 thoughts on “fresh spring rolls & this shrimp who keeps messing things up!

  1. Kirk

    Hi Thess – So that explains why I couldn’t view your site from work! But then of course, we do know your site is porn….Food Porn :lol:

    I do notice that when I use the tab key from the name, E-mail, and URL field it takes me to the Search box……

  2. thess

    KIRK: HI! It was office people/blog visitors who often informed me of that same experience. Porn alright, I should have changed my screen name to “THE NAKED SHRIMP!” , what d’ya think? :razz:

    your last line, did you experience that on this new blog or the past?

  3. Kirk

    Hi Thess – this is from the new blog. When I enter my name in and press the “Tab” key in takes my cursor to the search box……

  4. thess

    ISKA: hi Iska, thank you! :wink:

    KIRK: Really? omg! I really don’t have a clue why that happens :shock: Maybe you should use another computer? ha ha! just kidding :lol:

    I’ll check it out but I guess for now, as long as you can leave me a message I wont fret much about it? -this is driving me nuts
    Kirk, thanks so much for taking the time to answer my question..little things such as this is important for me to know….thanks again!

    EVAN: yes, I GOT YOUR 2 comments (together with those from Melissa and JMOM) from 2 days ago! I had to delete and reload everything after you left your comments because the images weren’t properly linked…I messed up the content and I had to reload the old XML files all over again. Sadly I lost all the comments from then.

  5. melissa

    :mrgreen: Porn? Food porn—yes! maybe you wrote something about -food porn- and they got that. LOL! Do not worry, everything looks great. Your blog’s new look is gorgeous! Great work…

  6. thess

    Hi again Chef Melissa!
    Or maybe my blog is just too hot to handle eh? :mrgreen: I should have really changed my name into ‘THE NAKED SHRIMP’ ! :mrgreen:

    and I shall tell my friend who designed my template that you find it nice..thanks for that and thanks for swinging by again :wink:

  7. ces

    hi thess,
    omg, could this be my site’s problem too? i just want to ask, how did you discover about the IP being categorized as such?

  8. thess

    CES: hello! My brother who is in Jeddah , Saudi Arabia has contacted a university that is responsible for internet filtering in the area. He was even asked why he was trying to access a porn site, even asked who owned it.
    But more confirmation came from office people with strict filtered internet. As example, see Kirk’s reaction above.

  9. JMom

    oh yeah, definitely food porn :) it’s droolicious :lol:

    don’t worry about the lost comment, I’ll definitely be trying this out this weekend. I have the shrimps already :)

    and they’re naked! :lol:


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